The Frontier Zone

Aid & Abet was invited by the Wisbech Arts Colony Vision Group to curate its first residency in September 2014.

The Frontier Zone was a themed residency interested in exploring notions of exchange, experimentation and encounter within the town of Wisbech.  The artists were encouraged to use the town as an expanded studio connecting with the context of the site and its community and to approach the residency with an open and ‘pioneering spirit’. The residency allowed the artists valuable time and space to test ideas, develop processes, and work in a new dynamic context in Wisbech.

The call-out for participants was circulated widely and generated applications from across the UK. Three artists, Paul Johnson, Anna Chrystal Stephens and Lois Williams, were selected for their high level of creative practice and for their thoughtful and sensitive approach to place and context as well as their individual need for a period of research and exploration to further their practice development.